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Personal Summary

Welcome to my site. :o) I grew up in Apalachin, NY USA and have been living in Europe since 2001.

Music, dogs, photography, camping and traveling are among my many personal interests. Please see my Bio and My Favs for more information.

Professional Summary

As of December of 2005 I have finished my MSc in Health Informatics at City University, London.

I would like to continue in research to apply my informatics skills to the healthcare sector, especially to support evidence-based medicine.

Master's Dissertation

Analysing the Biomedical Journal Knowledge Base Using PubMeds Clinical Queries Filters

Background: The biomedical journal knowledge base is vast and grows rapidly. Facts about the numbers, percentages and growth rates of clinically-relevant information are of interest to many stakeholders needing to practice evidence based medicine. Finding high-quality evidence and knowing which journals produce evidence is difficult to decipher. Filters such as the PubMed Clinical Queries filters have been developed to find clinically-relevant articles in PubMed. This can provide insight into which journals are producing clinically-relevant articles and which research areas and diseases need more clinically-relevant research.

Please e-mail me at Azadian.Zobay at gmail.com for further information.

Home Bio CV My Favs New York